23 July, 2011

What if I want to get my own T.P.?

Boy, do the days fly by here!  It could be because the sun sets early, or that it takes 10 times as long to drive somewhere as one would think necessary, or maybe because we can't quite stop sleeping in, but at any rate, we generally find ourselves eating supper at 9:00 pm and wondering where did the day go?

Today we finally set out at about 1:00 pm in search of a cool, low effort activity - aka - to the mall.  Not quite the adventurous first weekend out that I had thought we would go for, but the truth is we were tired and in search of something familiar.

So, to Citystars Mall in Heliopolis.  By far the hottest, longest, slowest cab ride to date.  Those streets were packed.  But we got there and it was HUGE:  6 floors, plus floor zero, several cinemas, hotels, amusement park, not to mention stores, restaurants, cafes, etc, etc.

We started off with a Beanos where the staff there spoke wonderful English and I got to introduce Scott to the now legendary (in my mind) Ginger Latte.  Yum.

Then with only having to cover half of the mall to find it, we found the Golden Stars Theatre. We went to the "VIP" section to buy our tickets. For the same price as seeing a movie at a Cineplex in Canada we got sit in a private little lounge area until the show began and then once in the theatre there were only about 20 seats - all big recliners with mega leg room! It was only us and 2 other couples there. They even have an intermission for us to go to the bathroom or grab some more popcorn.
Speaking of bathrooms, I have not been able to use one in any of the malls that we have been to so far without being serviced by a bathroom attendant.  I don't know how anyone else feels, but I feel neither pampered nor comfortable with someone standing outside my stall as I unfuel, waiting to give me toilet paper.  I feel quite comfortable with tearing off my own squares and decidedly uncomfortable with this level of assistance.  "VIP" recliners - sign me up; "VIP" toilet service - I'll hold it until I get home thanks.

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