21 July, 2011

Another Malfunction?

I had plans for a delicious ginger latte and some errands with my new buddy for this day, but instead was met by a leaking roof.

I called downstairs to the Boab (apartment front desk person who oversees the building) who spoke some English and within about a half hour there was a repair man at my door.  He had a ladder and no shoes (maybe he left them at the front door or something, but I never did see them).  He spoke no English but I gestured about what the problem was.  We think our air conditioner was leaking, but it was a fair amount of water and the ceiling tile was saturated and slightly warped.

He worked for about an hour before letting me know that he had to go out and get a replacement part, or fix a part, or something - I don't know because it was Arabic!  He returned within the hour and worked for at over an hour more.  No water is coming out anymore and the airconditioning is running!  I am confused however because I think he told me he would come back on Sunday.  Maybe it is a temporary fix?  This language business is frustrating.

I spent the afternoon researching stuff to do here (including the Arabic lesson options) and blogging.  I think I am caught up with the latter now!  One blog a day is a lofty goal, but hey - I've got time.

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